Self-Development Motivation

In today’s western world, there is a very individualistic mentality that’s all about self-satisfaction. We think that once (fill in the blanks) happen, I will finally be happy. Those “fill-in-the-blank” words are usually very self-gratifying and lead to only very temporary happiness. As illustrated in the video below: true lasting happiness is only found when you serve others not yourself.

Another great point illustrated in the video below is not holding on to the past and the hurts and tribulations of the past. Rehashing the past doesn’t harm whoever did you wrong, it just harms yourself by feeding a lot of toxic thoughts and making them grow. So, as the infamous Disney song says: LET IT GO! This is a process and doesn’t happen overnight, but is well worth the journey! I can say this by experience now, letting go of the past will let you be able to reach your full potential in the present and make even your wildest dreams come true!

I feel like this video does an AMAZING job of expanding on all this and highlighting the importance of self-development. Hopefully it will motivate start your own journey!

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