Bullying and its Cure

So I’m a PhD student doing research in the area of neuroplasticity which is basically a fancy way of describing the process of the brain rewiring itself.


When you are bullied for an extended period of time, your brain will wire itself accordingly. Even when you stop being bullied, you start becoming you OWN bully.

The cure to it is to replace those negative thoughts by positive ones. It is MUCH easier said then done! Remember that IMPOSSIBLE is NOT part of God’s vocabulary!

One indispensable tool is Battlefield of the Mind and its workbook . It also has an amplified Bible.

Since my life is now overtaken by neuroscience, here is a more neurotheological approach by Dr. Caroline Leaf, this AWESOME cognitive neuroscientist turned to full-time minister.

So let’s come together and put an end to bullying and its long-term effects on its victims!

This video focuses on girls, but I’m sure there is also guy on guy hate out there. The BIGGEST take home message in this video is basically that jealousy is admiration in disguise. So instead of TEARING EACH OTHER DOWN, why don’t we BUILD EACH OTHER UP!

How AMAZING would the world be if it adhered to a “Love yes, Love yes, Bullying no, Bullying no” principle (#egyptianpoliticalreference).


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