Life Changing Masters


It was a really hard transition to the masters and it took me the whole first year to adjust. The thing is, even though I had trouble finding God during that year, He was with me this whole time carrying me through it all. Because the summer following that first year is when he gradually brought all these amazing tools into my life which now have become an integral part of who I am today. My biggest life mantra (which might sound cliche but I’ve seen it time and time again!): EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! Here is an Instagram caption I had awhile back that perfectly illustrate it:

“Although this year is not quire over yet, I have been taking a #retrospectivelook at it and my oh my has it been quite the #lifechangingyear. I feel overwhealmed with #gratitude for all the #blessings I have received from above. It is definitely much more than I deserve! During my first year of masters, I wanted to quit so many times and I totally hated it. But then during the whole four months of summer, I shadowed with a geriatrician at the #MemoryDisorderClinic in the #ElizabethBruyereHospital and I got to see firsthand how dementia affects patients and their caregivers and became intent in helping them in anyway I can. This is what really started to motivate me with my masters and continues two years later. I remember when I first got my acceptance letter to the masters program, I prayed that God uses it to let me grow and boy oh boy did He ever deliver! This #mastersjourney turned out to be all about going about it without knowing what you were doing and learning through experience and that is the #receipeforpersonalgrowth. My lab happened to move into the #BruyereResearchInstitute that next summer and this tuned out to be an ever bigger potential for growth. They offered so many #learningandnetworkingopportunities which really helped guide me in this journey. He knew how stressful it would be for me so he brought my #amazingpersonaltrainer @kristing_getinsideout into my life and boy did she ever change me life inside out. She’s such an #inspirational trainer and I couldn’t have gotten through these past few months without her. She always challenges me in the most loving way possible and keeps me accountable for my nutrition. Finally, He knew I would need a social life and he brought the awesome #SGSAgrads into my life. More specifically, He brought @oceanbreeze4ever into the #CopticOrthodoxChurch and I couldn’t have gotten through the past few months without her. #thanksgiving #retrospect #evreythinghappensforareason #overwhelmedwithgratitude #blessedmuchmorethanideserve”

When thesis defense day finally came, everything happened way too fast. It was only the next day when everything hit me all at once and then started the waterworks like I had never experienced before. I couldn’t stop crying of joy out of the relief and thanksgiving that IT’S OVER, IT’S DONE, the IMPOSSIBLE just happened. This day was the most life-defining moment in my relationship with God and made it SO MUCH stronger. If He was able to get me through that, then He could get me through absolutely anything!

Many people would continuously tell me how I have absolutely no place in academia, but LOOK AT ME NOW! I’m starting a PhD, in a VERY SUPPORTIVE environment and adjusting REALLY WELL, so TAKE THAT haters! My point here in the very wise words of Taylor Swift: Haters Gonna Hate! But don’t let ’em get you down, because you have one thing they don’t have and that is God Almighty by your side! Surrender to God and let HIM fight your battles. Remember after all that TINY David was able to defeat GIANT Goliath with ONLY 5 stones and a sling to the dismay of all those watching!


I would like to conclude this testimony with the verse that best summarizes this whole ordeal: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” -2 Timothy 4:7

#whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #ifGodisforuswhocanbeagainstus #icandoallthingsthroughChristwhostrengthensme #GodismystrengthwhenIamweek #whereGodguideHeprovides #hatersgonnahate #dontlethatersgetyoudown #dontlethaterswin #provehaterswrong #noregrets #evreythinghappensforareason #rainbowafterthestorm #dontgiveup #justkeepswimming #itgetsbetter



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