New Year’s Eve 2017 Reflections

HAPPY NEW YEAR (I know it’s a few hours early! lol)! May it be filled with many blessings, success and dreams coming true!

Which brings me to this …..So ‘tis the season (or more realistically the month) of new year resolutions. This year, I dare you to DREAM BIG and work on making those dreams come true ONE STEP AT A TIME! Wait a minute, that reminds me didn’t Jordin Sparks (winner of the 6th season of American Idol) write a song about that!

So, on an unrelated note, anxiety is kindda part of my genes. So, everything including things that may look trivial to my non-anxious counterparts seem like Goliathes to me. So as soon as I wake up, I listen to Fearless by Jasmine Murray and it brings out my inner David and makes me ready to conquer all the real and not so real Goliathes that will come my way!

So this year aim to be FEARLESS and dare to dream big, the sky is your limit! Nothing is too ambitious! After all, IMPOSSIBLE is NOT part of God’s vocabulary! #phdmotivation #goalsetting #withGodnothingisimpossible #keepgoing #nevergiveuponyourdreams #reachthestars #youcanacheivewhateveryousetyourmindto #beambitious #daretodream #bedetermined #bepersistant #bebrave #senseofaccomplishmentwillbeworthallthehardwork

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